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Medical Writing – A Bold New Path: The Future Awaits Us

The second edition of Trilogy’s special edition magazine, Medical Writing – A Bold New Path: The Future Awaits Us, was published at the beginning of 2020. Once again, Trilogy Writing & Consulting partnered with International Clinical Trials to create this captivating magazine with articles written by thought leaders from across the pharmaceutical and medical writing industry. Presidents of both the European Medical Writers Association and the American Medical Writers Association have welcomed this special edition by providing a foreword in which they express their enthusiasm over this initiative.

This new edition is focused on what being a medical writer today means and gives some insights into where the world of medical writing is headed.

We hope this magazine and the articles in it encourage medical communicators around the world to start thinking about the future of medical writing and how we can use these changes to our advantage. You can read the magazine here. If you would like a PDF file, please contact us at