What is TriloDocs?

TriloDocs is an AI tool that generates an initial draft of a clinical study report. Pulling from all source documents, the draft report accurately reflects the input material, leaving the crafting of the messages to the medical writer and the clinical team.

  • Output is a Word file in the Transcelerate template (adaptable on request)
  • Methods are generated from protocol, amendments, and Statistical Analysis Plan
  • Results are generated from the TLFs creating text and in-text tables for all key parameters
  • Focus is on highlighting clinically relevant findings – identifying cutoffs and decision points for transparency and clarity


Building on years of knowledge from expert medical writers and combining this with the latest AI technology, we created a tool that is easy to use and incredibly powerful.

TriloDocs does what software does well – it quickly and consistently processes information and finds signals in data. Leaving the humans to do the part they do best – interpreting the results.

How TriloDocs Improves Medical Writing

The initial draft report is not intended to be used as is! TriloDocs was designed to be used by an experienced medical writer, who will assess the output and decide what else is needed to refine it as a full first draft for team review.

TriloDocs aids the medical writer and improves documents by:

  1. Eliminating the mundane effort of pulling information together, avoiding simple human typing errors and inconsistencies.
  2. Highlighting all relevant data points to ensure no signals get overlooked.

From 2-4 weeks to 2-4 days: TriloDocs creates the 1st Draft Report

When using TriloDocs, the time to a full 1st draft ready for team review is reduced from the typical 2-4 weeks with conventional writing to 2-4 days. To ensure the medical writer is fully informed about the study, the TriloDocs system begins by guiding the writer through the material before the writer uploads the source material and generates the draft output. Subsequently, the writer completes the methods and refines the results text, ensuring the data signals are crafted into appropriate messaging.

Benefits of Using TriloDocs

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TriloDocs Is Improving Constantly

TriloDocs is currently able to generate clinical study reports – but watch this space! Further documents will soon be part of the TriloDocs repertoire.

Expert-Driven AI with TriloDocs

TriloDocs is an AI tool that supplements our intelligence. Finally, fast can be good: With TriloDocs.

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This project has been sponsored by the Hesse Ministry of Economics, Energy, Traffic and Housing