Dr. Douglas Fiebig
Senior Partner
Master Skills - Listening with intent, synthesizing data, a steadfast commitment to excellence
Dr. Julia Forjanic Klapproth
Senior Partner
Master Skills — Owning the process, leading with expertise, lighting up a room
Dr. Lisa Chamberlain James
Senior Partner
Master Skills — Laser focus, unwavering tenacity, infectious charm

Say Hello to Trilogy

Regulatory documentation and scientific communications are far too important to be left to chance.

No programme is too small for well-written protocols, study reports or submission dossiers.

The success of clinical development programmes, drug approval and marketing depends ultimately on the readability and reviewer-friendliness of the documentation.

At Trilogy, medical writing is our passion. As specialists in regulatory documentation, we provide a service that is more than just writing. We work as an outsourcing partner for our clients, and our writers are integral parts of our clients’ teams: proactively planning, coordinating and writing their regulatory documentation to meet timelines, with a readability that reduces the time for review and approval. 

We have been helping pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organisations (CROs) of all sizes, worldwide, to streamline their documentation processes for over 20 years. If you are looking for ways to save time and money in your pre- and post-marketing programmes, Trilogy can help. 

We will be happy to talk to you about how to increase the speed and effectiveness of your documentation. 

“We truly understand our clients’ data and work with them to make a meaningful document.”



“For submission experience you need to use Trilogy. Period.”



“Becoming a leader in our field. Our Way”