Why use Trilogy?

Clinical Documentation and the Importance of Medical Writing

Clinical development of new pharmaceuticals, vaccines, medical devices and other therapies is a huge undertaking. Like the tip of an iceberg, the clinical documentation that must accompany it, is often all that the reviewers and regulators see, when deciding whether to grant approval for the new medicine. Similarly, your medical / marketing communications dictate how your target prescribers and patients will react to your new drug, and can even help you to identify who the target prescribers and patients are. But the challenge of creating good documentation and communications may be hampered by a lack of resources, inadequate training, or insufficient experience in medical writing.

Like the tip of an iceberg, documents are all the world sees of your clinical programmes… are yours good enough?

Why use a Specialised Medical Writing Provider?

Having your messages told clearly and in a timely manner is critical to the success of clinical development and early drug market development, and justifies the use of a specialist medical writing team. The success of your documentation is critical to us as a specialised provider because this is all we do.

The sponsors, project managers and physicians involved in your development all play a critical part, but not all have the time or the specialised skills necessary for good medical writing.

What Trilogy Gives you

Trilogy takes the responsibility for your clinical documentation and communications and treats this extremely seriously. We strive to ensure the highest quality of writing and the shortest possible period of production. Our target is to write documents that are complete and easy to understand and review. They are tuned to your target audience; to make sure that your message is clear; and minimises the number of questions arising from regulatory assessors, prescribers, or patients. This is an important factor in helping to ensure that approval and drug establishment are achieved as fast as possible. Our business is medical writing. Our goal is to complement your resources with the best possible medical writing expertise and experience. Like the tip of an iceberg, documents are all the world sees of your clinical programmes… are yours good enough?

Why use Specialist Writers?
Dr. Barry Drees
(Senior Partner)