Common Technical Document (CTD)

  • CTDs are the application dossiers required for the registration of new medicines, and are the end-product of the clinical development process; they are the ultimate challenge in writing regulatory documentation.
  • The format and content of CTDs is set out in ICH M4. In particular, the CTD Overviews and Summaries (Module 2, sections 2.4, 2.5. 2.6 and 2.7) present a medical writer with the significant task of summarising all elements of a drug development programme, sufficient for the reviewer to quickly establish the most critical conclusions of the cumulative dataset.
  • Trilogy has extensive experience in preparing hundreds of CTD submissions, from straightforward local variations to complex global submission dossiers for multiple indications.
  • Our clients appreciate Trilogy’s proactive involvement in ensuring that all aspects of the drug development programme are appropriately synthesized in a reviewer-friendly manner.
  • Trilogy meets deadlines – a vital factor in successful and timely drug approvals.
  • Trilogy can provide eCTD-compliant dossiers in collaboration with a strategic partner.
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