Trilogy Benefits

  • A Pool of Experienced Writers: Access to Trilogy’s pool of highly trained medical writers and their extensive experience in writing all types of documents and communications.
  • Documents Tuned to Their Audience: Cater to different audiences and their wide-ranging profiles, needs, and differing levels of understanding: reviewers, key opinion leaders, investigators, doctors, patients, academics, budget holders, and sales forces.
  • Therapeutic and Development Area Experience: Make use of our wide experience of therapeutic and development areas and the regulatory review process.
  • A Writing Team: A team of medical writers to provide maximum continuity over the course of a project and ensure “parallel processing” – expediting the writing of documents.
  • Offloaded Clinical Team: Relieve your clinical team of the management and coordination burden of preparing key clinical documentation across a broad range of medical indications by outsourcing to Trilogy for proactive support in ensuring project delivery on time and on budget.
  • Accustomed to Working with Pharma and CROs: Medical writing support geared to all types and sizes of pharmaceutical companies and contract research organisations (CROs): ideally suited to a “functional outsourcing” model.
  • Overcome Resource Bottlenecks: Sufficient resources to overcome capacity bottlenecks.
  • Standardised and Compliant Document Formats: Documentation formats and procedures, including style guides and quality control, meet required international standards.
  • Proactive Advice on Your Project: Proactive interaction with your clinical teams to anticipate documentation needs for the development programme (and beyond) and ensure timely preparation.
  • Global Coverage: Global reach offered by our local offices in both Germany, the UK and the US, backed up by the coordination of worldwide “virtual teams”.

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