Conversations to bring medical writing topics to the forefront and hopefully spark wider conversations in the domain of medical writing.

TriloTalk episodes range from the value of medical writing to apprenticeship and also cover document-specific topics such as lay summaries and how to tame CTD dossiers. 


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Episode 23: Speaking of Buzzwords in Medical Writing, What About AI? – Part II

Welcome back to TriloTalk! As promised, we are continuing the conversation about buzzwords in medical writing. In this episode, our guests Lisa and Art explore the topic of medical writing and artificial intelligence in Part II of our series, ‘Speaking of Buzzwords in Medical Writing’. Beyond mere catchphrases, they will reflect on the trending use of generative AI, its benefits and potential pitfalls, and the evolving role of medical writers. Happy podcasting!

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Episode 22: Exploring Patient-Centricity: Beyond Buzzwords in Pharma's Decision-Making

In this episode, Lisa Chamberlain James, Senior Partner at Trilogy Writing & Consulting, and Art Gertel, Principal at MedSciCom, discuss the pivotal role of patients in pharmaceutical decision-making. Despite knowing the importance of patient-centricity, their perspectives are frequently overlooked in crucial stages of drug development. How can pharmaceutical companies integrate patients’ unique insights to enhance their processes? Tune in as they engage in this vital discussion.

Interested in exploring the topic ‘Communicating with patients’ deeper and beyond our podcast episode? Here’s the link to our dedicated Medical Writing Supplement of ICT on this very topic. Also, stay tuned for Part II of Lisa and Art’s conversation in Episode 23, coming up in April 2024.

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Episode 21: Pen to Paper: Insights on Recognizing, Addressing, and Avoiding Medical Writer Burnout

Join Nidhi Johal, Director of Medical Writing for North America at Trilogy Writing & Consulting, and Heidi Chapman, Medical Writing Manager at Trilogy in a conversation about a topic that resonates with professionals across the industry – burnout. In this episode, Nidhi and Heidi draw from their own experiences, sharing personal stories, exploring the signs of burnout, and helping listeners identify red flags early on. From setting boundaries to embracing self-care practices, they discuss practical strategies they’ve learned to prevent burnout, ensuring a healthy work-life balance. Whether you’re a seasoned writer or just stepping into the world of medical writing, this episode provides valuable insights to keep you thriving in this profession. Happy listening!

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Episode 20: Q&A With Trilotalk: Focus on General Medical Writing Principles 

In this episode, Julia and Lisa take a deep dive into General Medical Writing Principles. Join them as they navigate through a diverse range of topics that are crucial in the everyday practice of crafting clear and concise regulatory documents. Our hosts will generously share their personal insights, experiences, and invaluable tips that have positioned them as Masters in the field of medical writing. Happy podcasting! 

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Episode 19: Elevating the voice of patients: the role of medical writers in making a difference

In this episode, Lisa Chamberlain James, Senior Partner at Trilogy Writing & Consulting, and Magnolia Correa, Marketing Communications Manager at Trilogy Writing & Consulting, delve into their shared passion for patient communication. They explore this topic from their different perspectives and discuss how medical writers contribute to enhancing health outcomes by crafting clear and impartial documents intended for the general public.

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Episode 18: Clinical Study Protocol Development from a Writer's Perspective

Join Julia and Jonathan for the 2nd part of a discussion dedicated to the development of Clinical Study Protocols as they delve into the intricacies of writing these crucial documents. In this discussion, they explore the level of involvement a writer should have to ensure a well-written protocol. Tune in to gain valuable insights and guidance on creating effective protocols that drive successful clinical studies.

Episode 17
Episode 17: The Importance of Training Medical Writing Leaders

In this episode, our host, Julia Forjanic Klapproth, and our special guest, Angela Winnier, Senior Director, Medical Writing Lead for Rare Disease at Pfizer, come together to share their conviction and valuable experiences as medical writing leaders. Join them as they dive into the crucial topic of organizations providing training that goes beyond technical writing skills. Together, they will explore the significance of creating “safe spaces” where medical writers can truly spread their wings and thrive.

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Episode 16: AI for Medical Writing - Turkeys Voting for Christmas?

In this special episode, Lisa and Barry, Senior Partners at Trilogy, along with Jamie Norman, Chief Product Officer at TriloDocs joined Network Pharma at its webinar: AI for Medical Writing, Turkeys voting for Christmas? During this thought-provoking conversation, they explored and explained the potential impact of AI on medical writing, discussed the opportunities and challenges that come with integrating AI into the field, and shared their expert insights on how to navigate the rapidly changing environment.

Spotlight on Briefing Books
Episode 15: How to Streamline Regulatory Authority Meetings: Spotlight on Briefing Books

Welcome to TriloTalk episode 15, where we will dive into the critical document that plays a pivotal role in pharmaceutical development: The Briefing Documents (or briefing books/packs).

Join Barry and Maria as they explore the key elements of well-crafted Briefing Books, their importance in the regulatory process, and how to tailor these documents to the specific regulatory authority. 

The Importance of Getting Clinical Study Protocols Right
Episode 14: The Importance of Getting Clinical Protocols Right

In this episode, Julia and Jonathan cover how making people aware of the many new and updated regulations (such as the ICH E8(R1) and the draft ICH M11 guideline) will help ensure teams are following these, looking for ways to handle the ever more complex studies that are being designed, the importance of focusing on the regulatory objectives of a study over more academic pursuits, the value of using the Transcelerate template to get more standardization across the industry, and the importance of preparing protocols that communicate clearly and effectively not only to help users find the information they need but also to ensure teams are aligned on the full intentions of the study and for downstream use of the protocols in writing study reports and ultimately dossiers.

Episode 13: Q&A with TriloTalk: Focus on CSRs

In this special session of TriloTalk, Julia and Barry answer questions sent to them by medical writers around the world. The focus of the questions in this episode is Clinical Study Reports (CSRs), data reporting, and analysis.

Tap into Julia’s and Barry’s vast medical writing experience and make sure to send your questions for future sessions of “Q&A with TriloTalk” to

Episode 12: PIF and PIF Tick. What are these and why are they important?

In this episode, Lisa Chamberlain James, Senior Partner at Trilogy Writing & Consulting talks to Dan Wills, Quality Mark Manager at Patient Information Forum (PIF) about the PIF TICK accreditation and its importance – specifically, what it means for organizations to have this certification mark and what it means for people in their search for high-quality health information.

Episode 11: Taming the Complexity of Preparing CTD Submission Dossiers

Process optimization, effective management, and organisation strategies are all essential components when preparing CTD submission dossiers for drug approval. 

In this episode, Douglas, Senior Partner at Trilogy Writing & Consulting, and Johan Telen, President at Improvement at Work, discuss how implementing well-planned, focused, and robust processes can actively de-risk the critical path and contribute to reducing the time needed for dossier preparation.

The Importance of Style Guides
Episode 10: The Importance of Style Guides

Restrictive or time saving? In this episode, Barry, Senior Partner at Trilogy Writing & Consulting, reflects on the importance of style guides and how these can serve as a compass to accompany medical writers when deciding on the grammatical or stylistic rules that need to be applied to the documents they are writing. Style guides not only save time (and money) in the writing process but also help improve the document review process. You might also like to listen to Episode 4: The Power of Good Review Practice.

“Style guides will not only improve your writing, but greatly improve your review processes.” – Barry Drees

The Ethics of Medical Writing
Episode 9: The Ethics of Medical Writing

Rapid dissemination of scientific information, lower standards in review processes, unvetted information.

In this episode, Barry, Senior Partner at Trilogy Writing & Consulting, and Art, Principal at MedSciCom, explore the never-ending ethical situations that are deep-rooted in the profession of medical writing.

Responses to Regulatory Authorities
Episode 8: Responses to Regulatory Authorities

In this episode, Julia and Douglas, Senior Partners at Trilogy Writing & Consulting, discuss how preparing written responses to questions received from regulatory agencies during the review of application dossiers can be decisive to the outcome of the review, and how medical writers can make a substantial contribution to this process.

A Primer for Writing Oncology Dossiers
Episode 7: A Primer for Writing Oncology Dossiers

In this episode, Julia Forjanic Klapproth, Senior Partner, and Maurice Löwens, Medical Writing Manager at Trilogy Writing & Consulting, discuss how experienced medical writers can streamline the planning and writing process of oncology dossiers, helping the team navigate a minefield of potential problems and advising the team on how to present the information with clarity that will direct agency reviewers to what they are looking for and aid the approval process.

Apprenticing Medical Writers
Episode 6: Apprenticing Medical Writers

In this month’s episode, Julia Forjanic Klapproth, Senior Partner at Trilogy Writing & Consulting, and Joan Affleck, Head of the Medical Writing Department at Merck, talk about the medical writing training programs at the companies they represent and explore how training medical writers help build a brighter future and lift the entire profession of medical writing. 

Lay Summaries
Episode 5: Lay Summaries

Writing for a non-specialist audience represents challenges beyond writing in a simpler language. Writing a fit-for-purpose document for the general public involves lay language, lay presentation, and lay science. Join Dr. Lisa Chamberlain James and Dr. Barry Drees as they discuss their knowledge and experiences in writing Lay Summaries.

The Power of Good Review Practice
Episode 4: The Power of Good Review Practice

In this episode, Julia and Barry, Senior Partners at Trilogy Writing & Consulting, call for a “revolution and complete overhaul in the way documents are reviewed”. They explain how a focused review process leads to a transformational change in how drugs get approved.