Training Portfolio

Trilogy offers training courses as workshops for company clients and their staff.

A full listing of our standard training workshops appears in the table below. These can be undertaken individually, but can also be combined or tailored to meet your specific needs.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss how we can help with your training needs, or would like to see our Training Catalogue, which provides a full description of each course, including contents, duration and intended participants.

Overview Workshop

WS01 The Importance of Documentation in Presenting Clinical Trial Results

A short overview seminar designed to give any members of (or entire) clinical development teams an appreciation of the challenges posed by and the inputs required for clinical documentation
Complete Foundation Training Programme

F00 Complete Foundation Skills Programme

(All units F01 to F08 below combined are equivalent to 9 months worth of training, with blocks of "hands-on" experience of 4 months between each block)
Foundation Skills for Medical Writing Preparing Specific Clinical Documents Strategic Communication Skills
F01Basic Medical Writing SkillsD01The Clinical Study Protocol (CSP)S01Targeting your Audience:
Reviewers, Regulators, & Clinicians
F02 Data Presentation for Clinical
Research (Part I)
D02The Investigator’s Brochure (IB)S02Interpersonal Skills
F03Data Presentation for Clinical
Research (Part II)
D03The Clinical Study Report (CSR)S03Project Management
F04Interpretation and Presentation of
Drug Safety and Efficacy Data
D04The Paediatric Investigation Plan (PIP)S04Medical Writing Post-Submission
and Leading to Approval
F05 Effective Use of StatisticsD05The CTD DossierS05Writing Successful Manuscripts
F06Advanced Statistics – Graphical
Analysis Techniques
D06Safety Reports: PSUR/PBRER, DSUR, & RMPS06Effective Poster Presentations
F07The Basics of Genetics for Medical
D07The Lay SummaryS07 Preparing Effective Oral
F08Document Review ProcessD08Briefing Books for FDA and EMAS08Lean Medical Writing