How We Work

Trilogy assigns a writing team to your project to become an integral part of your clinical development by providing medical writing, project management, and quality control. Our unique team approach ensures responsive, flexible, and uninterrupted support for your project – even accommodating unforeseen emergencies:

  • “Parallel processing” of the different sections of a document, reducing the document preparation time, is possible, because more than one writer cooperates on each project.
  • Familiarity of the team members with all of the projects assigned to that team creates a larger resource pool: better able to cope with project emergencies.
  • Less dependence on individual writers means Trilogy is able to provide continuity of the writing team throughout the entire programme of a development – spanning the entire lifecycle of different documents required.
  • The complementary skills and experiences of the different team members strengthens the end result.
  • Trilogy team experience extends into the coordination of wider “virtual teams” within the client’s entire development project – breaking down barriers and speeding the entire process of document preparation and review.

We are a flexible and responsive company – we adapt our approach to the needs of your company and the uncertainties of real-world clinical development. Our teams have acted as “glue” within development teams – by bringing together diverse functions of the clinical team via the documentation – and have acted as catalysts in distilling the relevant messages by constructively challenging the clinical team throughout the process. This can be a major advantage in unifying an outsourced clinical development team, especially when spanning diverse organisations and locations.