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Episode 23: Speaking of Buzzwords in Medical Writing, What About AI? – Part II

Welcome back to TriloTalk! As promised, we are continuing the conversation about buzzwords in medical writing. In this episode, our guests Lisa and Art explore the topic of medical writing and artificial intelligence in Part II of our series, ‘Speaking of Buzzwords in Medical Writing’. Beyond mere catchphrases, they will reflect on the trending use of generative AI, its benefits and potential pitfalls, and the evolving role of medical writers. Happy podcasting!

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Episode 16: AI for Medical Writing - Turkeys Voting for Christmas?

In this special episode, Lisa and Barry, Senior Partners at Trilogy, along with Jamie Norman, Chief Product Officer at TriloDocs joined Network Pharma at its webinar: AI for Medical Writing, Turkeys voting for Christmas? During this thought-provoking conversation, they explored and explained the potential impact of AI on medical writing, discussed the opportunities and challenges that come with integrating AI into the field, and shared their expert insights on how to navigate the rapidly changing environment.

The Role of AI in Medical Writing
Episode 2: The Role of AI in Medical Writing

Will AI replace or assist medical writers? Join Julia and Barry in this episode as they talk about how AI is going to change the way we write and work as medical writers. You will discover how AI will make writing clinical documents not only faster and more interesting but will aid with the analysis and eliminate human error. Get a sneak-peek into the coming revolution in medical writing.