Topic: Good Communication and Documentation


The Importance of Style Guides
Episode 10: The Importance of Style Guides

Restrictive or time saving? In this episode, Barry, Senior Partner at Trilogy Writing & Consulting, reflects on the importance of style guides and how these can serve as a compass to accompany medical writers when deciding on the grammatical or stylistic rules that need to be applied to the documents they are writing. Style guides not only save time (and money) in the writing process but also help improve the document review process. You might also like to listen to Episode 4: The Power of Good Review Practice.

“Style guides will not only improve your writing, but greatly improve your review processes.” – Barry Drees

The Ethics of Medical Writing
Episode 9: The Ethics of Medical Writing

Rapid dissemination of scientific information, lower standards in review processes, unvetted information.

In this episode, Barry, Senior Partner at Trilogy Writing & Consulting, and Art, Principal at MedSciCom, explore the never-ending ethical situations that are deep-rooted in the profession of medical writing.

The Power of Good Review Practice
Episode 4: The Power of Good Review Practice

In this episode, Julia and Barry, Senior Partners at Trilogy Writing & Consulting, call for a “revolution and complete overhaul in the way documents are reviewed”. They explain how a focused review process leads to a transformational change in how drugs get approved. 

Lead Medical Writing
Episode 1: Lean Medical Writing

In this episode, Julia and Barry talk about the importance of lean medical writing to communicate the key messages efficiently. The goal is story, not storage. They discuss how less is more and the importance of giving answers to the questions posed by studies, rather than just spewing data. Lean writing is at the core of how to take aim at inefficient medical writing.


AMWA Journal Winter Cover 2022
The Future of Medical Writing: A Panel of One
Of all the points in the evolution of the medical writing profession, I believe we are at the pinnacle of what promises to be the most exciting and biggest paradigm...
Author: Lisa Chamberlain James
Journal: AMWA Journal
Date: December 2022
Medical Writing 31-3
Remote meetings made easy: Good practices to keep in mind
Abstract One core medical writing skill is effectively communicating with the teams that will help us author our documents. With remote working playing an increasingly important role in our workforce,...
Author: Tiago Silva, Catarina Silva, Tiago Campos, Maria Mascarenhas
Journal: Medical Writing Volume 31, Issue 3
Date: 2022
What you Need and When – The Key Documents in the Drug Lifecycle
Clinical development is a complex and expensive undertaking, involving many years of research that culminate with clinical trials, the objectives and results of which all have to be documented. This...
Author: Julia Forjanic Klapproth
Journal: Special Edition of International Clinical Trials
Date: February 2017
WorldPharma-2016 Vol 2
A New Standard for Medical Writing
Discrepancies in the ways in which the documentation for clinical drug development is structured and presented have hampered understanding and progress for decades. Medical writing consultant Sam Hamilton and Trilogy...
Author: Sam Hamilton and Julia Forjanic Klapproth
Journal: Clinical Trials Insight
Date: World Pharma 2016 - Vol 2
01_Medical writing in the Old World_Barry Drees_the Write Stuff 8-3_1999_Thumbnail
Medical Writing in the Old World
Although there has been what amounts to medical writing here for a long time, it is a relatively new concept as a specialized profession.
Author: Barry Drees
Journal: The Write Stuff, The journal of EMWA
Date: Vol.8, No.3, 1999