Assessment and recommendations on
improving clinical documents

Ten tips for medical writers – for improving your CLINICAL DOCUMENTS

  1. Know the purpose/reader of the document.
  2. Start with good precursor documents.
    (CSP for CSR, CSR for summaries etc.).
  3. Make sure conclusions reflect objectives/aims.
  4. Use document hierarchy to provide navigation
    (TOC, headers, cross-references).
  5. Check for consistency of technical writing style – terms, formatting, presentation etc.
  6. Present main messages using tables and graphs – effectively label all parameters.
  7. Define study/analysis populations – use flow charts to explain patient populations.
  8. Demonstrate efficacy – how does the treatment benefit the intended patient.
  9. Explain safety precautions – what is the risk of the treatment, signal among the noise.
  10. Analyze subgroups with caution due to their lack of statistical power.


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